According to the reports, internal disagreements arose in the well-known NC State ISE Blockchain LAB in the industry, which caused some executives to leave and join the PHA laboratory to assist in the development of the poc3 test net. At that time, NC State ISE Blockchain LAB started a new round of global recruitment. It hopes to make the team more international through this recruitment, and at the same time, it set up growth mechanisms and incentives to establish broader international exchanges. During this period, they will get the opportunity to grow together with the members of the TCP core team.

TCP is a new generation of encrypted trust computing protocol based on Polkadot ecology. Based on a PoW-like economic incentive model, TCP releases the privacy of countless CPU to be applied to the Polkadot Parachain, and then serves other applications such as Defi and data services, etc. on Polkadot, which will realize a completely decentralized Internet, where users have the rights of complete control. The Internet it envisions is that everyone’s identity and data are controlled by themselves and are free of influence by any central agency. It aims to connect private chains, alliance chains, public chains, open networks, oracles, and future technologies that have not yet been created.

TCP believes that the Polkadot ecology will give birth to a large number of brand-new distributed applications, exploding immeasurable energy, and we are on the eve of this big explosion. In order to help the development of Polkadot ecology and cultivate more Web3.0 infrastructure and applications, welcome to join TCP and build the future of Polkadot ecology.


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